The World’s 1st Virtual B2B Trade Show

WecripT Conferenec Platform

Fully Virtual Trade Show

Expected December end 2022

700M – Reach

Finally! Start-ups and SME’s can regularly exhibit, trade and network in the meta verse

Individualized + Custom Booth, For Our Exhibitors fully branded and customised virtual booths designed by our Tech Team

What’s Happening At Our Trade Show

Who is attending? Key decision-makers of Start-ups, SME’s and enterprises from around the globe.

Start-ups/SMEs & Enterprises

In Our Trade Show Start-ups, SMEs and enterprises will be exhibiting in our series of trade show from around the globe

Global Powerhouse Media Coverage

More than 100 big media houses will cove the series of virtual trade shows, Minimum 700 million reach around the Globe

Key Note Speakers and Influencers

Fortune 500 Companies Speaker and World famous influencer will be speaking in our Metaverse Virtual trade show

“A virtual trade show will give your company visibility, reach out to tons of customers with our simple web interface for free, reach niche markets!”